Qualification Outline

The Project industry is integral in the global business environment and skilled practitioners are required to meet the demands of the industry, providing significant benefits to individuals, global corporations and the country at large. Projects are diverse in their nature, so a wide range of competencies is required to manage them and other similar systems and programmes.

This qualification aims to provide the foundation or the initial skills required for an individual in an organisation to conduct projects successfully; be an effective project team member; undertake a range of project management administration or support tasks and contribute to the planning and execution of projects or sub-projects. It is designed for people working in a project environment as a team member, project administrator or leader of a project/sub-project.


12 Months

4 Day Facilitator led sessions each month. The rest of the days are on the job practical learning.


Learners accessing this Qualification will have demonstrated competence as follows:

✅ Communication at NQF Level 3 or equivalent.

✅ Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3 or equivalent.

✅ Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3 or equivalent

A basic understanding of the workplace, project processes and operations and competence in National Certificate at Level 3 in Business Administration or Project Support Services or equivalent is preferable.


9 Segments including the Final Summative Assessment