What are Learnerships?

A learnership is a structured learning process for gaining theoretical (structured learning) knowledge and practical (work-based experience) skills leading to a qualification registered on the NQF.

A learnership is as such a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work. Learnerships are managed by Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).

Benefits of Learnerships

The key advantage of Learnerships is that they are work-based and delivered onsite. Furthermore, they are designed within the context of the Employers organisational and strategic objectives and goals, as well as current sector and industry best practices and standards. Learnerships therefore deliver:

  • Increased productivity by enhancing the skills of staff members
  • Increased relevant skills base and talent pool for succession planning
  • Improved B-BBEE scorecard through higher Skills Development scores
  • Compensation in the form of reimbursements, cash grants and tax incentives (contact the relevant SETA and SARS for more information)

Our Learnerships

DaySeven Training currently offers the following Services SETA accredited learnerships: