Purpose of Programme

The Core Component of the Qualification offers the learner knowledge and skills in the:

  • Management of Records
  • Comprehension of written and verbal texts
  • Business Writing, Problem Solving
  • Ethics, Cultural Awareness
  • Self-Management and Self-Development
  • Project Teamwork and Business Policies and Procedures.

The Qualification enables the learner to specialize in areas of Administration such as Reception, Executive Administration, Financial Literacy, Relationship Management, Legal Knowledge, Communication, Project Administration and Support, Call Centre Administration and Human Resources.

This Qualification is intended to improve the delivery of service within the field of Administration within all business and non-commercial sectors through building day-to-day Administration skills as well as general operational skills. It will provide the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the Administration field for all business and non-commercial sectors.

At the end of the programme you will be able to

Learners who achieve this qualification will be able to prove capabilities in management relating to Planning, Organising, Leading, Controlling and Ethics. Overall, this qualification will ensure that learners are capable of:

  • Developing plans to achieve defined objectives.
  • Organising resources in accordance with a developed plan.
  • Leading a team to work co-operatively to achieve objectives.
  • Monitoring performance to ensure compliance to a plan.
  • Making decisions based on a code of ethics.

The Programme is intended for candidates who

This Qualification is for any individual, employed or unemployed, who is or wishes to be involved in the Administration function within any industry, or non-commercial venture/organization. It is also the building block to advance the learner into the National Certificate in Business Administration Services: NQF Level 5

The National Certificate in Business Administration Services: Level 4 is a generic Qualification which offers Administrative knowledge and skills to learners who:

  • Have attained the National Certificate in Business Administration: Level 3 and wish to continue on a path of life-long learning in Administration
  • Were previously disadvantaged or who were unable to complete their schooling and were therefore denied access to Further Education and Training
  • Have worked in Administration for many years, but have no formal Qualifications in their area of expertise
  • Wish to extend their range of skills and knowledge of Administration so that they can become knowledge workers
  • Are contracted in a learnership agreement
  • Have recently taken up a position in Administration
  • Have not yet acquired the skills and competencies required for learning in Administration at NQF level 5.