Mastering New Engineering Contract – NEC 3

A practical and thorough approach!!!

The New Engineering Contract is one of the most important professional services contract in its industry. With our country’s ever developing construction and design approach, a detailed knowledge of the NEC 3 has become of utmost importance!!

As you know, a lack of the basic understanding of the appropriate contract administrative and procurement process could be and in most cases is the root numerous delayed projects, utilizing disordered procurement processes, claims and disputes, decreased productivity to name but a few. This NEC3 course is especially designed to take you through a thorough understanding of the NEC 3, the structure, helping you to distinguish between the Main and Secondary options of the ‘family of contracts’ right through to the dispute resolution process specifically under the NEC 3.

This 2 day loaded course will help you:

  • Gain an accurate understanding of the NEC Suite of Contracts
  • Dig into the similarities and differences between the different ‘family of contracts,’ namely the JBCC, FIDIC and the NEC
  • Delve in on the ins and outs of the administrative and procurement processes of the NEC ‘family of contracts’, thus aiding you with the correct information for you to make sound decisions where applicable
  • Get an understanding of the  modus operandi to contract alternatives, compensation, or claims for an extension of time and additional payment and the way in which to prepare, to administer and to assess them
  • Benefit a rundown of the dispute resolutions mechanisms applicable

This course is an absolute wealth of information, an opportunity you cannot afford to miss right in your city!!

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