General Conditions of Contract 2010 – GCC

The South African construction industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years and has been a key driver of employment in the country. An industry as dynamic as Construction requires benchmarks in order to continue developing.

General Conditions of Contract 2010 (GCC 2010) for Construction sets the benchmark standard for conditions of contract in South Africa. GCC 2010 is an evolution from the previous GCC 2004 that had been widely used in the South African Construction Industry for some time.

DaySeven Training offers and intensive 2-Day Course that looks at the relevance of GCC 2010 to the South African Construction Industry. The course will equip all attendees with a thorough understanding of GCC 2010 in comparison to GCC 2004, and will cover all the key areas and aspects of GCC 2010. The knowledge acquired from this course will enable all attendees to implement GCC 2010 standards in their workplaces.

The GCC 2010 course will provide the attendees with:

  • In-depth clarity and detail of the new features of GCC 2010 in comparison to GCC 2004
  • Understanding of the use of GCC 2010 by the public sector for the execution of civil engineering projects.
  • Understanding of GCC 2010 standards in relation to the CIDB requirements and directives
  • An overview of the relationship between GCC 2010 and other Construction industry regulations
  • Strategies to implement GCC 2010 standards in the workplace
  • Examples and Case studies of successful GCC 2010 standards implementation and the resulting benefits in the workplace.