Construction Claims


Due to our ever-changing economy, Construction Claims, risks and disputes have been on the rise. Some big enough to jeopardize your entire company! Notwithstanding the fact that those involved can easily be exposed to lawsuits that could have been avoided.

Truth be told, amongst the numerous reasons for Claims disputes, i.e. Delays, additional work, source disputes, changed conditions etc.  The ‘lawyer jargon’ stipulated in most of these contracts do no good for both the contractor, sub-contractor and the owner, employer if neither party fully comprehends the conditions of the contract. The terms of the contract must clarify expectations before signing and during project execution to ‘nip these claims in the bud’ for starters!

This is one of the numerous reasons as to why Claims disputes are on the rise. We at DaySeven Training have tailored this course especially for you to help you:

  • Understand the important contractual provisions i.e. what the contract requires, and the incomparable types of Claims.
  • Single out the main causes of Construction Claims and disputes.
  • Master different solutions and strategies to effectively handle your Claims.
  • Get the hang of delay costs process and procedure (One of the major roots of Claims disputes).
  • Anticipate conflict and disputes leading to adjudication/litigation/arbitration.

Beyond all reasonable doubt, this course will equip you with all the necessary tools you require to prevent and handle any Construction Claims to your highest potential. Get ready for an intense 2 days that will change your career for the better!